Martial Weapons: (All items are between Poor to Perfect) Requirements Grit 6+ 1. Longsword Description: A classic weapon favored by knights and seasoned warriors. The Longsword's versatility, reach, and cutting edge make it a formidable choice in both offense and defense. Price: 400 gold Range: Melee (5 feet) Dmg: 3d6+4 Battleaxe Description: A heavy and imposing weapon with a sharp blade on one end and a sturdy handle on the other. The battleaxe is designed for devastating cleaving attacks and can deliver bone-crushing strikes. Price: 400 gold Range: Melee (5 feet) Dmg: 3d8 War Hammer Description: A weighty hammer made for dealing crushing blows and penetrating armored defenses. Its impact can shatter bones and dent metal, making it a fearsome weapon of war. Price: 500 gold Range: Melee (5 feet) Dmg: 4d4+3 Glaive Description: A polearm with a long blade attached to a staff. The Glaive's extended reach provides excellent control over the battlefield, allowing for sweeping strikes and strategic maneuvers. Price: 450 gold Range: Melee (10 feet) Dmg: 3d8+3 Pike Description: A long spear-like weapon designed for thrusting attacks from a distance. The pike's length grants the wielder an advantage against enemies trying to close in, making it a preferred weapon for forming defensive lines. Price: 300 gold Range: Melee (10 feet) Dmg: 3d8 2. 3. 4. 5.


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