Simple Weapons: (All items are between Poor to Above Average. Cannot make a PERFECT Simple Weapon) 1. Dagger Description: A small and versatile blade, perfect for close-quarters combat or concealed attacks. Its sharp edge and nimble design allow for quick strikes and precise maneuvers. Price: 20 gold Range: 20/60 feet Thrown /5ft Melee Dmg: 2d6+6 2. Club Description: A basic wooden weapon that can be found easily. Although rudimentary, it can deliver solid blunt force trauma to opponents, making it effective for those lacking more advanced weaponry. Price: 15 gold Range: Melee (5 feet) Dmg: 2d4+6 3. Shortsword Description: A versatile and balanced weapon, the Shortsword is a go-to choice for many warriors. It combines speed and maneuverability, allowing for swift slashes and agile parries. Price: 50 gold Range: Melee (5 feet) Dmg: 2d6 4. Sling Description: A simple ranged weapon that hurls projectiles using centrifugal force. Small stones or bullets can be launched at high speed, making it useful for both hunting and self-defense. Price: 40 gold Range: 30/120 feet Dmg: 3d4 +5 5. Light Crossbow Description: A compact and easy-to-handle crossbow suitable for beginners or those seeking a ranged advantage. It offers greater accuracy and piercing power compared to simpler ranged weapons. Price: 100 gold Range: 80/320 feet Dmg: 3d6 +1


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