Ranged Weapons: (All items are between Poor to Perfect) 1. Shortbow Description: A compact and versatile bow that offers accuracy and decent range. It is commonly used by archers who prefer mobility and rapid fire. Price: 350 gold Range: 80/320 feet Dmg: 3d6 Longbow Description: A large and powerful bow favored by experienced archers. The longbow delivers great force and boasts an impressive firing range, making it ideal for sniping enemies from a distance. Price: 450 gold Range: 150/600 feet Dmg: 3d6+4 Heavy Crossbow Description: A sturdy and high-impact crossbow that requires more strength to wield effectively. Its bolts can penetrate armor and deal significant Dmg, but reloading takes longer. Price: 550 gold Range: 100/400 feet Dmg: 4d6 Javelin Description: Javelins can be hurled with great force and accuracy, providing a ranged option for close-quarters combat. Price: 150 gold Range: 30/120 feet (5ft Melee) Dmg: 2d8 Handaxe Description: It can be used for melee strikes or thrown at foes, offering both versatility and convenience. Price: 150 gold Range: 20/60 feet (5ft Melee) Dmg: 2d6 2. 3. 4. 5.


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