Types of Damages Physical Damage: Caused by direct physical force like punches, kicks, or sword strikes. Affects the body or physical defenses. Fire Damage: Caused by intense heat or flames, burning and potentially setting targets on fire. Roll an additional 1d6 Dmg. Lightning Damage: Occurs when electrical energy discharges onto a target, causing burns and disruptions. Roll an additional 1d8 Dmg. Frost Damage: Inflicted by extreme cold or ice-based attacks, potentially freezing or slowing the target. Roll an additional 2d4 Dmg. Poison Damage: Inflicted by toxic substances or venom, causing harm over time. Roll 2d8 Dmg every turn. Only will cease from a Magic Spell or Potion. Necrotic Damage: Associated with death, decay, and negative energy. Drains life force and vitality. Roll an additional 1d8 Dmg per turn until resolved by Magic Spell or Potion. There are Immunities & Vulnerabilities associated with certain NPCS and Monsters. These will be stated within the Stat Blocks. Immunities will take no Dmg from this type. While Vulnerabilities will cause double their Dmg.


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