Health 1. Natural Recovery: Characters regain health daily equal to their Vitality STAT. 2. First Aid: Roll a d10 + Vitality + First Aid skill for health restoration. Refer to HP & Stabilization Table. During combat turns, the character performing the Stabilization will roll with Disadvantage unless otherwise stated 3. Healing Items: Potions instantly add specified HP to the character. 4. Resting: Short Rest restores 50% of HP and 1d6 Magic Slots used. Round Up. Long Rest restores full HP and resets Magic Slots. 5. Magical Healing: Spells that restore health a specified amount. 6. Feats/Abilities: Some grant healing benefits upon specific actions. Temporary HP: Sometimes an effect or potion or spell will grant more HP than your body can hold. Until you Rest in any capacity, the Temporary HP will stay apart of you. Death and Dying: When HP falls below zero, characters are unconscious. Unconscious for # of turns equal to WILL+ Racial Bonus After those turns, without stabilization, the character perishes. HP & Stabilization (The act of changing state from Unconscious to Knocked Down) The character seeking to help stabilize the

Unconscious character rolls (Vitality +1d10 + First Aid):


Stabilized +1d6 HP.

15+: 20+:

Stabilized, +1d8+4 Health.

Stabilized, Back to Feet, +2d10 Health. Stabilized, Back to Feet, +3d12 Health



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