• Break From Grapple: Once grappled, the target needs to roll Agility + Endurance + 1d10 until they break the DV set by the initial Grapplers Grit+Melee SKILLS combined, or the grappler is killed/unconscious/shoved etc. On a successful roll, the initiating grappler gets tossed 5ft back.(Cost 2 Action Points)

• Ready an Action: Prepare to perform a specific in response to a trigger or condition. (Cost: 1 Action Point)

• Search: Investigate your surroundings or search for hidden objects or traps. (Cost: 1 Action Point)

• Perform a Skill Check: Use your SKILLS to perform a specific action or task, such as thievery or persuasion. (Cost: 1 Action Point) Conditions Knocked Down (Until choosing to stand, disadvantage to combat rolls. Anyone within close range attacking gains advantage)

Restrained (Movement becomes zero. All rolls done by restrained become disadvantaged, attacks toward Restrained have advantage.)

Paralyzed (Target becomes Unconscious and fails all Grit & Agility Checks. All attacks toward Paralyzed have advantage.)

Poisoned (Poisoned target sustains assigned Dmg until resolved.)

Engaged (Movement becomes zero. Those engaged can still attack and perform checks. Condition ends when initiator is killed, knocked down, unconscious or paralyzed.

Horrified (After failing a Horror/Bravery check, the target becomes Paralyzed for 1d4 turns)

Unconscious (Target becomes Unconscious and fails all Checks. All attacks toward Unconscious have advantage)

Blind (-5 to Rolls for two turns)


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