• Each career begins with a set number of points already invested into SKILLS. Reflect these SKILLS on your character sheet along the ones you've already chosen.

5. Determining Movement Range:

Add base Agility score + Endurance Skill x2 Remember to include any applicable bonus to Agility.

This total represents the character's movement range.

6. Actions Points Per Turn: Determine the number of Actions Points your character has per turn by taking your Base WILL Stat and dividing it by two (rounded UP). Performing actions will cost X amount of Action Points. These are listed further in the book. 7. Passive SKILLS: Some SKILLS are always checking in the background of your character. Prior experience is reflected in this way known as Passives.

Add the Base STAT + any points invested in the relevant SKILLS related to the called passives.

These are checks your GM can use later on in the game.

As you level up, Your Health, Movement Range, Actions, Passives etc will be increasing. Be sure to always update your Character Sheet to reflect these changes.

8. Buying Starting Equipment Each Player is given 300 Gold coins to outfit their character. The GM can raise or lower this again, depending on the game wanted.

You will record your STATS in the top bar of each section, and below are the corresponding SKILLS associated with it. You can track the current Level of the STAT or SKILL on the right, and beyond that see how much you have invested currently into each area. We can see this Character has a GRIT 5 and Melee 3. This means their Combat roll would be +8 to whatever their d10 roll would be.

5 3




100/150,000 1,575/2500





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