Mace of War: Description: A massive mace forged in the depths of the Earth for the battlefield, its weight alone can crush bones and rend armor. Special Ability: Slam Down the mace's spiked head into the ground, delivering a devastating concussive blow, leaving all enemies within 10 ft in state of BLIND and KNOCKED DOWN for 2 turns.

Requirements: Grit 8+ Knowledge 8+ Arcane Lore 7+ Price: 35,000 Gold

Dmg: 9d4 + Elemental Dmg

Flail of Despairs Description:A fearsome weapon with a haunting aura. Its twisted design and dark energy evoke a sense of foreboding. The handle is made of blackened steel, while the spiked skull ball at the end is adorned with intricate, sinister engravings.

Requirements: Grit 7+ Knowledge 8+ Arcane Lore 6+

Price: 40,000 Gold

Range: Melee (5 Feet)

Dmg: 9d6 + Necrotic Dmg ( Ongoing 2d8 Dmg per turn until resolved by Magic Spell or Potion.)


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