Rules of Engagement

Melee Combat

(Grit + 1d10 + Melee)

Each round in Real Life is 6 seconds in the World of the Game.


Jump : ½ of your Move Distance.

(Agility +1d10 + Ranged)

Interacting with the World


Locked Doors :


Attack: Grit + Melee + 1d10 vs Armor Value of Door

-The goal is to roll equal or higher than the Targets Armor Value or AV. With a successful hit, A roll that surpasses the AV, You will roll Damages. -The armor will stop the numerical value of Damage equal to the Armors Value. Damage thats over double the ARMOR VALUE can degrade the AV by 1.

Push/Break: Agility + Endurance +1d10 vs DV

Chests :

• Attack: Grit + Melee + 1d10 vs Armor Value of Chest • Lockpick: Agility + Thievery + 1d10 vs DV • Push/Break: Agility + Endurance +1d10 vs DV

Critical Success!!

Rolls of a 0 (zero) on a d10 is actually a 10. And will be considered a Critical Success. Double your Damage or Ability Roll!

Misc Items :

Knowledge + Engineering + 1d10 vs DV

Initiative: All parties involved in a situation will roll 1d10 and add their Racial Bonus to their roll. This is their order of Initiative.


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