Each player has a set number of Actions they can perform in a turn. Each action has a point value. You cannot spend more than your # of Actions a turn.

• Attack: Perform a melee or ranged attack against an enemy. (Cost: 1 Action Point)

• Ambush: Able to lay in wait for a target. Double Dmg Dealt. Difficulty Value to be spotted is based off Passive Stealth of those declaring the Ambush. (Cost: 2 Action Points)

• Cast a Spell: Use magical abilities to cast a spell and affect the battlefield. (Cost: 1 Action Point)

• Move: Change your position on the battlefield by moving a certain distance. (Cost: 1 Action Point)

• Sprint: Move double your move distance, but cannot attack until your next turn. (Cost: 2 Action Points)

• Defend: Focus on defensive maneuvers to increase your resistance to attacks. +1d4 To Armor Value until you next turn (Cost: 1 Action Point) • Use an Item, Career Trait or Feat Utilize an item from your inventory, such as a health potion or a utility tool. (Cost: 1 Action Point) • Evade: Defender will roll (1d10 + Agility + Endurance) creating a target value. The attackers Grapple/Shove Roll will have to be higher than the Defenders Evade Roll to cancel out the evasion. If Defender wins, they are moved 5ft away from attacker in any direction they choose. (Cost: 1 Action Point)

• Shove: Attempt to push an opponent, either to move them or knock them prone. (Cost: 1 Action Point)

• Grapple: Engage in a physical struggle to restrain or immobilize an opponent. (Cost: 2 Action Point)


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