Each type of terrain has a Terrain Survival Value. Some terrains can be applied together.

I.e. Snowy Mountains, or Hilly Desert zones.

Survival Check:

Highest Survival Skill within Party + 1d10 VS Terrain Survival Value + 1d10

Terrain Survival Value Plains: 2

Scrub/Brush: 4 Forest(Light: 4 Forest (Dense): 6 Desert: 8 Hills(light): 3 Hills (Dense) :5 Mountains: 7 Swamps: 6 Tropical: 5 Ocean: 6 Snow(light): 8 Snow(Dense): 10

Failure of the Survival Roll, roll 1d6 than review the table below

1. Nothing

2 Encounter (Roll on Encounter Table)

3 Lost (Party lost in wilds for 1d4 days)

4 Harsh Weather (1d10 HP Lost across party)

5 Nothing

6 Encounter (Roll on Encounter Table)


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