Not Sure Where a Check would Fit?

When an action doesn't fit a specific skill, roll against the Base Stat that best suits the check.

Roll 1d10 equal or lower than the relevant Base Stat.


1. Identifying the Trap: The game master will compare the designated lead character of the party's passive Investigation skill level to the traps Sight Value (0-30)

Some traps are big and obvious, while others are made to be very hidden and disguised. The larger the number, the smaller and harder to see the trap is in reality.

2. Learning about the Trap: If the Players have either found the trap themselves, or ran into by accident without setting it off; They may try to disarm it.

They can first learn more about its construction if they have a higher engineering skill than the traps creation.

Player's Engineering vs Trap's Engineering.

Higher Engineering gives the Player an advantage (double roll, take the higher) during their Concentration Check.

3. Disarming Traps:

Player must roll 16+ Concentration, Less than that will activate the trap.

Example Trap:

Save: Agility STAT + Endurance SKILL +1d10 vs 15 DV

Name: Pitfall

Sight Value: 12

Engineering: 16

DMG: 4d6+4 on Failed Save

Description: A loose tile in a Dungeon Floor gives way, revealing Spikes Below!


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