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Chapter 3 X Vessel Operation


Answer these questions by circling the letter representing the correct answer.

1. If the boat engine overheats: a. Don’t worry—engines on small boats run hot. b. Change the coolant from an open to a closed system. c. Check the cooling water intake to make sure it is free of debris. d. Enrich the fuel mixture.

2. To avoid a propeller injury when retrieving a person in the water, the operator should: a. Point the bow away from the person. b. Pull up slowly to the person from behind. c. Shift the motor into reverse and back slowly towards the person. d. Upon approaching the person in the water, turn the bow towards the person. 3. To make sure you have enough fuel to return from your trip: a. Drift with the wind and currents whenever possible. b. Monitor your fuel level: allow one-third to go out, one-third to return and keep one-third in reserve. c. Carry two extra gallons of gasoline in safety-approved gasoline cans. d. Thin the fuel mixture to make sure it lasts longer.

4. When fishing or hunting from a boat, you: a. Are also a boater and must follow the same rules as other boaters. b. Have different operating rules than boaters. c. Can ignore boating rules if you catch your fish or game. d. Must display a fish and game flag while hunting or fishing.

Turn to page 100 for correct answers.


California Course for Safe Boating

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