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Chapter 3 X Vessel Operation

Hunting and Angling People who hunt or fish from boats are also considered boaters. Too often, hunters and fishers give little thought to their safety and equipment required for their boats. Their lack of boating preparation can end in tragedy. If you hunt or fish from a boat, you must remember to obey federal and California boating laws and follow safe boating rules. Precautions and responsibilities of hunters and anglers: ƒ When using a boat as a sporting platform, give special thought to proper loading and balance of the boat. ƒ Obey the weight and passenger restrictions listed on the capacity plate. ƒ Be aware that small boats can easily capsize or be swamped. ƒ Avoid standing and keep the boat balanced when passengers move about. Keep weight low and distribute gear evenly in the boat. ƒ Wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket at all times when on the water. Life jacket styles include camouflage vests, fishing vests and float coats. ƒ Wear and use your engine cut-off switch (ECOS) lanyard or wireless link (ECOSL). ƒ Dress in several layers under your life jacket because cold water can kill. ƒ Recycle or throw away empty shell casings or old fishing line. Do not litter the water or shoreline with your discards as they are harmful to wildlife. ƒ Remain seated when shooting or casting. ƒ Bring and display your licenses, tags and permits as required. ƒ Transport unloaded firearms with the safety on and in a gun case while under way.


Fishing line can entangle and kill wildlife, and cause boat damage. It is not biodegradable and can remain in the environment for many years. One solution to this problem is to properly discard used line at recycling locations provided through the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways and the California Coastal Commission’s Boating Clean and Green program. Anglers may also mail used fishing line to: Berkley Recycling Collection Center at 1900 18th Street, Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360-1099.

WEBSITE A list of fishing line recycling stations is available at dbw.parks.ca.gov/ FishingLine or scan QR code for Boating Clean and Green tips.


California Course for Safe Boating

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