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Chapter 3 X Vessel Operation


Answer these questions by circling the letter representing the correct answer.

1. Before leaving the dock, the boat operator should: a. Check the water and temperature. b. Check the safety equipment. c. Use all gear as ballast. d. Cast the anchor over the bow.

2. To check weather conditions: a. Read the newspaper, check the Internet, call the National Weather Service, and/or monitor radio transmissions. b. Call the Coast Guard. c. Observe the weather in the morning. d. It’s not necessary if you’re not going out on the ocean.

3. A spring line is: a. A line made with elastic so the boat can ride up and down on the tide. b. A line that can be used in place of a bow or stern line. c. A line that is used for the anchor. d. A line that leads aft from the bow or forward from the stern.

4. When docking a boat: a. Fenders should be attached to the mooring lines. b. If possible, land into the wind and current so the boat can ease into the dock. c. Keep one foot in the boat and one on the dock to steady the boat. d. Tie the lines as tightly as possible so the boat does not drift into another boat or person.

Turn to page 100 for correct answers.


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