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Chapter 3 X Vessel Operation f Chapter 3

Vessel Operation Boating can be unpredictable. Every time you get in a boat, you’ll face different weather, new adventures, and new hazards. Many things can make or break your day on the water—tides, winds, currents, how your boat performs, and the way you and other boaters act. Be prepared and know your boat. This chapter will help you operate your boat safely. It includes specific guidelines for different types of boats, including:

OBJECTIVES You will learn: f Basic boat anatomy f Trailering f Storage of your boat

General operating guidelines and techniques: f Fueling f Docking f Anchoring f Maintaining your boat and engine Specific information on: f Powerboating f Water Skiing f Sailing f Paddling

f Powerboats

f Sailboats

f Paddlecraft

The better you become at handling your boat, the better you can handle the unpredictable.


California Course for Safe Boating

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