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Chapter 2 X Boating Law, Navigational Rules and Navigational Aids


Answer these questions by circling the letter representing the correct answer.

1. The Hull Identification Number: a. Describes the size of the boat b. Is similar to a VIN on an automobile c. Indicates that the boat has safety equipment aboard d. Is the same as the owner’s car license number

2. In California, registration numbers must be displayed by: a. Paddlecraft b. All boats, even if they do not have a motor c. All undocumented motorboats and sailboats more than 8 feet long d. Boats visiting California

3. California laws governing the consequences for drinking alcohol and operating a boat: a. Are the same for adults and minors b. Do not apply to minors c. Are less strict for persons under 21 years of age d. Are similar to those governing the operation of a vehicle on the road while under the influence of alcohol

4. The Coast Guard can issue a fine for dumping human waste up to: a. $1,000 b. $2,000 c. $5,000 d. $10,000

Turn to page 100 for correct answers .


California Course for Safe Boating

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