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Chapter 5 X Accident Prevention and Rescue

the operator was unaware of an incoming storm. In the afternoon, the seas became dangerous, swamping the vessel and causing it to sink. The victims were in the water for 30 minutes and had body temperatures of 82º F when they were rescued. The victims were wearing life jackets but not special clothing for cold water. Questions 1. Identify the mistakes that the people made and the proper actions. 2. What could these people have done differently to prevent this accident? 3. What steps could you take to rescue the victims and/or make the situation better?



Navigation rules are built upon safety and courtesy. Boat operators are required to assist other boats in distress when doing so does not put their own vessel or passengers in danger. You should be trained, careful and responsible when attempting to help others. Always be ready to help others, but do not take needless risks. To help in emergencies from a boat: ƒ Approach an accident scene cautiously. Watch for victims in the water. Check the area for possible risks to yourself and other rescuers. Turn the engine off before picking up victims—as long as you don’t need it on to maneuver against winds or currents. ƒ Communicate with people in the water. They can tell you if they are all right, if other passengers are with them, and help you to choose your first rescue steps. ƒ Whenever possible, use equipment such as a throw bag or line, ring life preservers or floatable objects to save lives. ƒ Toss lifesaving devices to those who do not have them. ƒ Do not jump into the water to help a victim unless it is your only choice and you face no risk to yourself. ƒ Give help first to anyone who seems to be seriously injured or is having trouble staying afloat. ƒ If necessary—and if your boat can safely hold additional people— help victims by pulling them aboard over the stern. In heavy seas, it may be safest to rescue the victim over the side of the vessel near the stern.


California Course for Safe Boating

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