After everything with Professor Fielding, I didn't feel safe returning to Oxford. I went underground, running with demons, monsters, a coven or two. I did, eventually, find my way back to Wyrm Holler. It was long-abandoned by then, but it was good to remember. In nearly thirty years of living on the fringes, I haven't seen another group of misfits as close knit and welcoming as the Wyrm Holler folks. I wonder if things might be different if only the very strange weren't forced to live in the shadows. Oppression and violence thrive anywhere there is a people who are written off and ignored. I hope that, after hearing the tale of Wyrm Holler, you will understand why I have devoted my life to fostering ties between communities. Those you see as the "other" are more like you than you know. Maybe, in time, we can all learn to live together; that, though most of the residents have been scattered, the spirit of Wyrm Holler might live on. Warmest regards, –Basil Sykes

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