Character Creation: 1. Finding Your Basic STATS:

Roll either 1 d10 6 times, or 6d10 ’ s 1 time to find your characters basic STATS. Remove any rolls of 3 or lower & 9+, re-roll those removed.

Then assign 25 points to your Base SKILLS. No one skill can exceed 10 points at this point in time.

The number of points assigned is really up to your Game Master and the type of game you want to play. Low starting points, a heroic struggle to the top. High starting points, you are already a known hero among legends told.

2. Choose Character's Race: Select a race for your character.

Humans: 1 + 1d4 (Applied to Grit, Will, Speech) Height (5-7ft)

Elves: 2 + 1d4 (Applied to Vitality, Will, Speech) Height (4-6ft)

Gnomes: 1 + 1d4 (Applied to Agility, Speech, Knowledge) Height (3-4ft)

Dwarves: 3 + 1d4 (Applied to Grit, Knowledge, Vitality) Height (3-5ft)

Roll one time to find out your characters racial bonus. Record this under Racial Bonus. Apply this Bonus accordingly to Rolls involving the stated Basic Skill as it applies during the game.

3. Roll for Character's HP: Roll (3d6 + Basic Vitality Stat + Racial Bonus) X2. For every increase in the Base Stat of Vitality, add 15 permanent HP.

4. Choose Character's Career: Be sure you have applied your characters racial bonus STATS before this point. Make sure you meet all the requirements needed for that career. If not possible, you might have to start over with your character or choose to begin the adventure without a Career and grind until your stats are compatible. You can change your career at anytime, as long again the requirements are met for the new chosen career. You will lose any Career Traits and Buffs that are associated with the first chosen career. Next to your chosen Career is a percentage. This is the Reading Percentage. You do not automatically know how to read. First, you roll a d100 and d10, and look to see if it ’ s Equal than or Less than your Careers %. Rolling higher than, and its a fail. New careers will only apply after a passing of time, same as when applying new Levels to your STATS & SKILLS. A character that cannot read but would like to, must attend schooling. All which is covered later in this book.


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