Thank you once again for your unwavering support of CATACOMBS OF GORE What lies ahead for the world of SERATHEL? Get ready for thrilling adventures and new discoveries! SHADOWS OVER FALKENHAFEN: Immerse yourself in a gripping tale with our full adventure, written and illustrated by Caleb Dickenson. THE FULL GAMEBOOK: Delve deep into the world of SERATHEL with our comprehensive gamebook, a must have for both Game Masters and Players. Explore diverse careers, full list of spells & magic houses. Plus a full breakdown of the World, the Empires and the problems within. MONSTER MANUAL VOL. 1: Encounter over 45 unique new monsters and delve into the depths of dark Super Villains to challenge your campaign. ARMS & EQUIPMENT: Expand your arsenal and knowledge with a comprehensive guide to every weapon found within the world of SERATHEL. Stay tuned for updates and release dates on social media. Instagram: @Catacombs_of_gore And thank you for being a part of our journey! [2024 Caleb Dickenson & Rotten Sewer Productions]


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