Items You'll Need Dice, Paper, Pencil, Calculator You are capable of running this game entirely as theater of mind, but most Players find it easy to use models and some type of dry erase grid system to help streamline the game. There is no wrong way to play this game. The Dice CATACOMBS OF GORE uses a mixture of dice. D refers to dice while the number is a reference to the number of sides on that dice. The main few being D100, D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, and D4. All main interaction rolls will be done using the D10, while the others are used for dealing out Damage. The order of calculating your actions in game will always go as following. 2) Take the appropriate Base STAT, and add that to the rolled total. 3) Lastly, Apply the final appropriate SKILL that is associated with the roll in question. Add that to the other 2 numbers, and all 3 will create the Players or NPC's Final Roll Value. 1) Roll a d10, that is the random element to the game.

What is CATACOMBS OF GORE? A 2 10 Person Fantasy Role Playing Game that is a return to the original feel of Legacy Role Playing Games. The rules are stripped down, and put into the hands of the Players imagination to propel the spirit of adventure and magic. CATACOMBS OF GORE aims to let you make the character of your choosing … “ REMEMBER … ITS ONLY A GAME! ” Game Master: The Game Master has decided to take on the task of creating the end decision of the game and interpreting the rules as best fit. It is their job to understand the basic components of the game; from the rules of the Players, to the interactions of their STATS & SKILLS checks, as well as running the NPC and Enemy creatures they will encounter as the game progresses. It is the role of the GM to help shape and control the game narrative. The Players: It is the Players job to understand their character sheet and properly document the information. Weaving an in depth background story is vital to understanding your character! The main rule for all Players is to have fun and remember, its just a game! The Different Roles of The Players


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