Name: Elven Warlock (Solo) HP: 44 Racial Bonus: +4 (Vitality/Will/Speech) Horror? : N/a -- Movement: 28 ft Actions: 5 Actions per Turn Can Read? Yes -- Armor: Magical Robes(18)(Above Avg. +3): 21 Cloak of Ethereal Passage: Allows the wearer to instantly travel to any distance within their eye sight (Up to 500 Ft Away). Can be use 3 times a day before needing to recharge on a long rest. -- STATS; Grit:5 Agility:7 Will:7 (+4) Speech:7 (+4) Knowledge:7 Vitality:7 (+4) --- SKILLS: +7 Melee, Arcana Lore, Investigation (+2 Resist vs. Magic from Mystic Aegis) --- Attack: +17 (Grit 5+ Melee 7 + Above Avg Dagger +3) Weapon: Dagger (Above Avg. +3) Dmg: 2d6+6 ---

Spells: (18 Spell Slots) (+9 Arcana Lore) ---- -Detect Magic (Lvl 3) -Mind Read (Lvl 2)

-Polymorph (Lvl 1) (14 DV to be detected within this form. That value is found by taking his base SKILL of Concentration which is 7 and adding their STAT Knowledge which is also 7 to it as well. This is the active magical field the Elven Warlock is projecting to maintain his poly morphed appearance. ) --Career Trait-- WARLOCK • Pact Magic: Forge a pact with a powerful otherworldly entity, granting access to dark and forbidden magic and bestowing eldritch powers. (+2 Arcana Lore) • Hexes and Curses: Develop the ability to read invisible hexes and curses that might be placed by your enemies. (+2 Intuition) • Feat: Mystic Aegis - Through mystical training, you've developed a heightened resistance to magical effects. Gain a +2 bonus to Resist checks against spells and enchantments. (+2 Resist vs. Magic) • Gains the knowledge of a spell Level 2 or Lower. Able to cast 3 times without expanding a

spell slot. Recharges with a long rest. -Spell Learned: Magic Missile (Lvl 1)



1.Sleep and Charm Spells

1.Iron Weapons


2.Above Average Weapons

3.Enchantment Spells


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