NPC Generator Table

Here is the list of logic to follow with the table.

-What is it? What are its STATS? What's the horror check?(if it has one) Be sure to add the NPC's Racial bonus to the appropriate STATS. If its a creature, you must choose is it Big, medium or small as well. -Does it have a weapon? If yes, what is it? -Can it cast magic? If yes, what spells does it have? -Does it wear armor? Or is it natural armor? What is it? 1. Undead (+3) (Knowledge,Vitality,Will) 2. Creature (Grit,Agility,Vitality): Big (+7) Md (+4) Sm (+2)

3. Human (+2) (Grit,Will,Speech) 4. Elf (+4) (Vitality,Will,Speech) 5. Dwarf (+3) (Grit,Knowledge,Vitality) 6. Gnome (+3) (Agility,Speech,Knowledge)

*When rolling HP, calculate as normal in the character creation guide*

Remember!!! Large Creatures get an additional 5d6 HP

Med. Creatures will get an additional 3d6 HP

Small will get an additional 2d6 HP added.

What are the STATS? Read these numbers in this fashion, the first number is the highest STAT the npc has. Read the second number as the highest SKILL the npc has, typically they excel in 2-3 things skill wise. The final number is the npc total value for any action they are proficient in. As well is included how many slots the NPC would have available if you were to do the whole math of the character. We did it to save you some time! This is just a way to quick create npc STATS, for future reference!

1. 4/3/7+ (6 Spell Slots) 2. 5/4/9+ (8 Spell Slots) 3. 6/5/11+ (11 Spell Slots) 4. 7/7/14+ (14 Spell Slots)

Does it need a Horror check? If it's a creature or Undead, it will! The horror check will activate for this npc when they are in groups of 3 or larger. Unless it is a large creature, than a solo creature will trigger this Horror Check.

1. 11 2. 14 3. 16 4. 19

DO NOT FORGET TO ADD YOUR CHOSEN STATS AND RACIAL BONUS TOGETHER AT THIS POINT. This will effect certain STATS depending on what you choose.


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