General Equipment

Backpack - 25 Gold: A sturdy pack used to carry various adventuring gear and treasure. Bedroll - 20 Gold: A portable sleeping mat, essential for resting comfortably during travels. Waterskin - 15 Gold: A container for carrying water, crucial for staying hydrated in the wilderness. Rations (Traveler's or Iron) - 2 Gold per day: Preserved food suitable for sustaining adventurers during long journeys. Torch - 1 Gold each: A simple handheld light source, useful for illuminating dark areas or lighting fires. Lantern - 40 Gold: A more reliable and longer-lasting light source compared to torches, with focused or diffused beams. Rope - 10 Gold (Hemp) / 25 Gold (Silk) per 50 feet: Essential for climbing, securing items, or constructing makeshift shelters. Grappling Hook - 30 Gold: Used for scaling walls, climbing, or securing ropes in difficult terrain. Crowbar - 25 Gold: A sturdy tool used for prying open doors, crates, or windows. Hammer - 20 Gold: Useful for driving in stakes, repairing gear, or crafting makeshift structures. Pitons (Set of 10) - 5 Gold: Metal spikes driven into rock or wood for anchoring ropes or creating handholds. Tinderbox - 10 Gold: Contains flint, steel, and tinder for starting fires in adverse conditions. Flint and Steel - 5 Gold: Provides the means to create sparks for starting fires. Whetstone - 2 Gold: Used for sharpening blades and maintaining weapon edges. Mess Kit - 5 Gold: Contains utensils and cookware necessary for preparing and consuming meals. Cooking Pot - 15 Gold: A larger pot suitable for cooking larger meals or boiling water.

Blanket - 10 Gold: Provides warmth and comfort during rest periods.

Tent (Two-person or Four-person) - 30 Gold (Two-person) / 50 Gold (Four-person): Provides shelter for resting or protection from the elements during camping. Caltrops - 5 Gold per bag of 20: Small, sharp objects scattered on the ground to injure or slow down pursuers.


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