In CATACOMBS OF GORE, all items come with a Quality rating, which reflects their craftsmanship and reliability. For weapons or items, you would add the negative modifier toward your roll. While with armor, the quality will affect only the ARMOR VALUE. IE Having a Below Average pair of Magical Robes would mean the AV of the Magical Robes would then be 16.

1. Poor Quality: These items are poorly made, prone to quick breakage or malfunction. (-4 to all rolls involving this item).

2. Below Average: Slightly better than poor quality, but still not very reliable or durable. (-2 to all rolls involving this item). 3. Average: Standard quality most people encounter, functional without notable drawbacks. (No modifier to rolls involving this item). 4. Above Average: Better quality than average, often with additional benefits or improved craftsmanship. (+3 to all rolls involving this item). 5. Perfect: The highest quality items, meticulously crafted with exceptional materials and skill. They excel in performance and durability. (+5 to all rolls involving this item).

Armor & Armor Values

In CATACOMBS OF GORE, you have a single numeric value called the

Armor Value that represents your overall protection against attacks.

Types of Armor: 1.Cloth Armor Value 7 (50 Gold) *Stackable*

2.Leather Armor Value 10 (200 Gold) *Stackable*

3.Chain-Mail Armor Value 11 (400 Gold)*Stackable*

4.Plate Armor Value 19 (1000 Gold)

5.Scale Armor Value: 25 (2000 Gold)

6.Magical Robes Armor Value: 18 (Unless otherwise stated) (10,000 Gold)

7.Divine Armor Value: 30 (Unless otherwise stated) (100,000 Gold)


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