Mind Over Matter Base Stat Requirement: Will 8+ Basic Skill Requirement: Resist 5+ IP Cost: 40,000 Having been taught by the ancient masters, your mental fortitude has been strengthened to that of the strongest Divine Armors. (Spells targeting you will be rolled with Disadvantage.) Blade Dance Base Stat Requirement: Agility 6+ Basic Skill Requirement: Melee 4+ IP Cost: 50,000 Master the art of elegant and agile swordplay, allowing you to perform intricate combat maneuvers and chain together swift attacks. ( +5 to Combat Rolls while using any weapon labeled SHORT BLADE Only.) Heroic Roar Base Stat Requirement: Grit 5+ Basic Skill Requirement: Bravery 7+ IP Cost: 20,500 Unleash a powerful roar that intimidates nearby enemies and improves allies' morale, granting them +1d6 BRAVERY for the next 3 turns.


Arcana Shield Base Stat Requirement: Grit 4+ Basic Skill Requirement: Arcana Lore 2+ IP Cost: 20,000 Conjure an ethereal magical shield, stopping an incoming attack. Once activated, for that turn anyone within 5 ft of the User will have protection.(1 charge per Long Rest Period) Base Stat Requirement: Grit 7+ Basic Skill Requirement: Melee 7+ IP Cost: 35,000 Having mastered the art of precision, you now strike MELEE with permanent Advantage unless other conditions apply. Eagle Eye Base Stat Requirement: Agility 9+ Basic Skill Requirement: Ranged 8+ IP Cost: 10,500 Extensive training at an Archer ’ s Guild has sharpen your focus and accuracy with RANGED weapons. Shooting beyond your weapons range doesn ’ t cause Disadvantage. Battle Medic Base Stat Requirement: Vitality 5+ Basic Skill Requirement: First Aid 4+ Cost: 14,500 In the treacherous Catacombs, where horrors lurk in every shadow, your experience amidst bloody encounters grants you the skill to heal wounds swiftly in the heat of combat. Roll your healing with Advantage. Precision Sword Strike Master


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