Combat Modifiers: Height Advantage: +2 to attack rolls when attacking from higher ground. Flanking: +2 to attack rolls against a target that is being engaged by an ally. Fearless Inspiration: +1d6 to attack rolls, saving throws, or ability checks for 1 turn when passing a successful Bravery/Horror Check.

Back Stab: +5 to attack rolls when attacking an unsuspecting enemy.

Cover Penalty: -2 to attack rolls when shooting at a target in partial or full cover.

Wounded: -1 to attack rolls and ability checks whenever under 50% HP.

Distracted: -2 to attack rolls when in a crowded or chaotic environment.

Spell Disruption: -3 to attack rolls for spellcasting when under duress or taking damage. Hampered Movement: -2 to attack rolls when moving through difficult terrain.

Optional Combat Table (Roll 1 d20 Post Combat for Gore)

1. Severed the leg, blood sprays out and it falls off. 2. Deep gash across the abdomen, guts spill out. 3. Pierced lung, gurgling last breath filled with spittles of blood and lung. 4. Severed hands off, death from uncontrollable blood loss. 5. Maimed face, disfigured beyond recognition. 6. Shattered jaw. 7. Broken spine, paralysis from the waist down. 8. Ruptured spleen, risk of hemorrhage. 9. Amputated limb 10. Severed artery, rapid blood loss. 11. Crushed hand, fingers mangled and useless. 12. Punctured skull, risk of brain damage or death. 13. Severed Achilles tendon, unable to walk properly. 14. Impaled through the abdomen, internal organs punctured. 15. Severed jugular vein, rapid blood loss and imminent death. 16. Impaled through the chest, vital organs damaged. 17. Severed spinal cord, complete paralysis below the neck. 18. Shattered ribcage, risk of punctured lungs and heart. 19. Impaled through the throat, unable to breathe or speak. 20. Decapitated head, instant death.


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