Simplified Checks and Saves All checks use 1d10 + Base Stat + Skill value. 1.Resist (Magical or Intimidation): (Will + 1d10 + Resist) vs Spells Type or NPC Intimidation Difficulty Value. 2.Bravery Aka Horror Check (Against Monsters): Players/NPCs will have Bravery while Monsters will have Horror Values. This check will only be performed once an encounter, unless otherwise stated or an action calls for another Horror Check. Assume when any target is within 20 ft of source of Horror, thats time to perform the check. (Will + 1d10 + Bravery) vs Horror Value (Located in STAT BLOCK) 3.Concentration (Traps or Magical Casting): (Will + 1d10 + Concentration) vs Difficulty Value 4.Survival (Harsh Environments): Either contesting against a sudden rainstorm, or a gust of wind from the mountains sent by the gods themselves. Or surviving the stickiness of the swamps to the heat of a desert, you need to be able to Survive. (Vitality + 1d10 + Survival) vs Terrain Survival Value 5.Intuition Check vs Investigation: When to Use? Intuition: Knowledge + Intuition+ 1d10 vs DV. Being able to spot the glimmer of a magical apparition before it materializes, or realize there might be an ambush up around the corner. Or knowing when the Merchant is selling you fake goods. Investigation: Knowledge + Investigation + 1d10 vs DV. Rummaging through a warlocks stack of books to find a specific spell or tracking down a monster through the woods.


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