Herbalism Table

Mimic's Tongue : Grants the ability to cast Speak with Animals for 1 hour. Forest (Dense) 60 Gold Siren's Song Seaweed: Grants the ability to breathe underwater for 1 hour. Ocean 65 Gold Banshee's Wail: Grants immunity to Horror effects for 1 hour. Tropical 70 Gold Lichbane Leaf: Grants resistance to necrotic Dmg for 1 hour. Swamps 60 Gold Faerie Dust: Grants advantage on Speech-based skill checks for 1 hour. Forest (Light) 55 Gold Elixir of Life: Restores 2d10 hp and removes diseases or poisons. Mountains 100 Gold

Dragon's Breath Fern: Grants resistance to fire Dmg for 1 hour.

Caverns 50 Gold

Frostbloom Flower: Grants resistance to cold Dmg for 1 hour. Snowy Mountains 60 Gold Starlight Blossom: Grants darkvision for 1 hour. Forest (Light) 40 Gold Moonstone Moss: Grants advantage on Stealth checks for 1 hour. Swamps 45 Gold Dreamer's Root: Regains all spent hitpoints during a short rest. Forest (Dense) 55 Gold Wyrmwood Bark: Grants advantage on saving throws against poison for 1 hour. Scrub/Brush 50 Gold Thunderleaf Grants resistance to lightning Dmg for 1 hour. Desert 55 Gold

0-4 No Useful Herbs Found

5-14 Basic Potion

15-29 Enhanced Potion (Double the effect).

30+ Superior Healing Potion (Triple the effect)


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