Houses of Magic

Elemental Manipulation: A mystical practice that involves harnessing and controlling the fundamental forces of nature; Frost/Flame/Shock/Earth , allowing them to shape and direct these elements to their will. Illusionary Arts: Delve into the delicate psychic realms that reside within all beings, mastering the art of manipulation and control over their targets. By penetrating the fragile psychic barriers, Illusionary Artists harness their power to influence the perceptions, emotions, and actions of those around them. Necromancy: The harnessing of dark, necrotic energies associated with death. Practitioners of necromancy tap into the powers of decay, life force manipulation, and commanding the deceased. Enchantment: Enchanters are skilled in channeling their magical energies into objects, infusing them with specific qualities or abilities. Divination: Focuses on gaining insights, knowledge, and glimpses of the future through supernatural means. It is the art of tapping into hidden truths, foretelling events, and uncovering secrets that are concealed from ordinary perception. Divination magic plays a crucial role in unraveling mysteries, making informed decisions, and navigating the treacherous and unpredictable aspects of the world. Transmutation Magic: Is a powerful and versatile school of magic that focuses on the transformation, manipulation, and alteration of matter, energy, and even reality itself. Transmutation magic allows spell casters to change the properties of objects, creatures, and the environment, often with profound and far-reaching effects.

Celestial Magic: Captivating school of magical arts that draws power from the celestial bodies, primarily stars and moons. This form of magic is revered for its dual nature, encompassing both Light and Shadows.

General Magic : General magic is a cornerstone of everyday life within the empire, providing solutions to common problems, enhancing well-being, and fostering unity among its people. General magic serves as a unifying force within the Human Empire, promoting well-being, communication, and unity among its citizens. These spells are carefully regulated and taught to ensure that they remain beneficial and free from evil influences.


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