List of Spells (con ’ t.)

4.Luminaflare (Basic, Celestial , Concentration): Level 1 Conjures a gentle, radiant light that illuminates dark spaces. It is often used for reading, working during nighttime, or providing a soothing ambiance. Caster must succeed on casting check to activate this spell. 5.Euphoric Melody (Basic, General, Concentration):Level 4 Produces a captivating melody that induces a sense of euphoria and relaxation in those who hear it. The affected individuals become more receptive to friendly interactions and are less likely to engage in hostilities. 6.Transmute Matter (Ritual,Transmutation, Concentration):Level 8 The caster alters the structure and composition of matter, enabling them to transform objects or substances into different forms or states. 7. Flame Burst (Basic, Elemental, Bravery): Level 2 Unleashes a burst of intense flames, causing fire Dmg to a target and testing their resistance against it. 1D6 Physical Dmg + Fire Dmg (1d6). 8. Mirror Image (Basic, Illusionary, Bravery): Level 1 Creates illusory duplicates of the caster, confusing enemies and testing their bravery to discern the real target. Causes Attack rolls toward Caster to be disadvantaged. 9. Teleportation (Ritual, Illusionary, Concentration): Level 10 Transports the caster or a targeted object to a different location within eye sight. Requires a successful Concentration check to ensure a precise teleportation. 10. Raise Dead (Basic, Necromancy, Resist): Level 3 Summons the soul of a dead target, commanding them to serve the caster and testing their resistance against necrotic energies. The raised dead cannot go further than 20 ft away from the caster, and cannot lift anything larger than itself. 11. Astral Projection (Ritual, Celestial, Resist): Level 5 Projects the caster's consciousness into the astral plane, allowing them to perceive and interact with ethereal entities or traverse mystical realms. 12. Soul Drain (Basic, Necromancy, Bravery): Level 2 Drains the life force from a target, replenishing the caster's own energy and testing the bravery of the target to withstand the draining effect. Deals 1d6 Necrotic Dmg. Caster gains that amount of HP back each turn until effect goes away.


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