Exceptions to Rules: Specific rules override general ones. Elements like racial traits or magical items may break these rules, with magical sources having the most significant exceptions. Spellcasting Mechanics: 1.You can cast spells equal to your Arcane Lore skill. 2.Without the right number of Spell Slots available, you wont be able to cast a spell. The way to calculate your available Spell Slots your character has by adding WILL + KNOWLEDGE together. 3. You can learn new spells only if you can read. First, you acquire a new spell by either purchasing, stealing, looting or discovering them inside scrolls or old books. Then your character must spend 24 hours uninterrupted to learn the new spell. There is no restriction on mixing and matching your spells within the different Houses of Magic. This starter kit contains just a small sample of spells available in the full game. List of Spells NAME (TYPE OF SPELL, SCHOOL OF MAGIC, TYPE OF SAVE) SPELL LEVEL: Description of the spell and any other needed information. 1.Healing Light (Basic, Celestial , Concentration) Level 3 Emits a radiant light that heals wounds and restores vitality. Restores 2d6 HP to any target. 2.Magic Missile (Basic, General, Concentration): Level 1 When cast, the spell conjures ethereal projectiles of pure magical energy, guided unerringly by the caster's will. 3D6+4 Dmg 3.Lightning Bolt (Ritual, Elemental , Resist): Level 4 Calls down a bolt of lightning from the sky, electrifying targets and causing electrical Dmg while testing their resistance against it. 2D6 Physical Dmg + Lightning Dmg (1d8) Example: WILL 4 + KNOWLEDGE 8 = 12 Spell Slots.


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