Grave Digger (Pre Req: WILL 4+ & VITALITY 4+) (50% You can Read)

• Grave Sense: Develop a supernatural sense for detecting the presence of

Undead or burial sites. (+2 Investigation)

• Grave Digger's Precision: The repetitive motion of digging has honed your

muscle strength and hand-eye coordination. (+2 Melee)

• Undead Specialist: Learn tactics and techniques to effectively fight and

repel the Undead. (+2 Bravery)

• Death's Knowledge: Possess knowledge about the Undead, burial customs,

and related legends. (Career Trait)

• Necrotic Resistance: Gain resistance (Half Dmg received) against anything

with Necrotic effects. (Feat)

Scout (Pre Req: AGILITY 5+ & WILL 4+) (56% You can Read) • Stealthy Movement: Years of navigating the wild have turned you into a master of silent movement. (Stealth +2) • Survivalist: Living off the land has become second nature to you. You can find sustenance, locate water sources, and construct makeshift shelters with ease. ( Survival +2) • Keen Observer: Your keen eyes pick up details that others might miss. (Investigation +2) • Pathfinder: You excel at finding the most efficient routes through even the most unfamiliar terrains. Gain advantages when navigating new

territories, and fellow travelers benefit from your guidance. Groups

you operate within can move twice as far within one days travel.

(Feat) • Wilderness Instinct: As a seasoned scout, your senses are finely attuned to the subtleties of the wilderness. You gain an innate sense

of impending danger, providing a +1 bonus to your Bravery when facing

natural threats such as predatory creatures or adverse weather

conditions. (Career trait)


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