Magical Crops:

Starlight Blossom Properties: Glows softly in moonlight, acts as a natural lantern. Gold Value: 55 Emberroot Properties: Produces fiery fruit with mild heating properties. Gold Value: 45

Enigma Grain Properties: Consuming grants temporary knowledge in an unknown field. (+1 to a Skill or Stat for 24-hour period) (CANNOT EAT MORE THAN ONE piece of Grain within 24 hours or your character will die.) Gold Value: 35 Elysian Vine Properties: Enhances the taste of wines and brews, sought after by alchemists. Gold Value: 60 Mirage Wheat Properties: Causes illusions when scattered, useful for distractions. Gold Value: 50 Celestial Orchid Properties: Blooms with celestial energy, providing a calming aura. Gold Value: 40 Shadow Lotus Properties: Absorbs ambient light, creating zones of darkness. Gold Value: 65

Stormfruit Tree Properties: Fruits generate a protective electrical field. Gold Value: 55 Harmony Blossom Properties: Emits soothing music when in full bloom. Gold Value: 30

Quicksilver Vine Properties: Rapidly grows and can be molded into temporary structures. Gold Value: 70

Mirthful Mushroom Properties: Causes uncontrollable laughter when ingested. Gold Value: 60


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