Apprentice (Pre Req: WILL 5+ & KNOWLEDGE 5+) (70% You can Read) • Elemental Attunement: Gain basic knowledge of an element and can imbue its powers into magical workings. (Choose from these Frost/Flame/Shock/Earth) (Feat) • Alchemy Basics: Mix potions and tinctures to aid in battle. (+2 Herbalism) • Hard Lessons Learned: From years of near fatal mistakes from your Masters lessons, you've gained insight on how to repair the natural form. (+1 Vitality) • Arcane Lessons (Start with 1d6 to your Arcane Lore skill) (Spell Learned) Magic Missile (Basic, General, Concentration) Level 1 When cast, the spell conjures ethereal projectiles of pure magical energy, guided unerringly by the caster's will. -1D6+4 Dmg -60ft range. (Career Trait)

Farmer (Pre Req: GRIT 4+ & VITALITY 4+) (40% You can Read)

• Green Thumb: Possess a natural talent for cultivating crops, making you

adept at growing and tending to plants. (+2 Herbalism) & (+1 Melee)

• Sower's Harvest: Choose a magical crop, this cannot be changed.

You can grow this at double the rate as normal, and can sell this

crop for double the average asking price. (Feat) • Tough as Nails: Develop physical resilience from years of demanding agricultural labor. (+2 Endurance) • Agrarian Charm: Developing your agricultural insight has honed

your ability to engage in casual conversation and connect with just

about anyone. (+2 Negotiation) • Animal Whisperer: Establish a unique bond with animals through

communication, gaining their trust and cooperation. (Career Trait)


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