93021 RAA The Fish Wizard R1 LR Proof

It's completely unfair !

three classes before Pidgol’s, but Forscythe gets off because his dad bought him into the Hodsfield team.

Later, in the library...

competing isn’t

every thing .

I should never have joined house sanguinore. How am I suppost to compete against wizards like him?

I don’t know.

What?! How is that even legal ?

Thanks, Jar. I feel so much better.

speaking of competing-- I might finally

keyword: might .

the emperor declared dragons

win at this stupid card game.

and stupid ?! you’re the one who got me into it.

heret ical--

yeah, and the entire old-world.

Was it real?

are you real?


I summon Sharkan Dragon .

I’m kidding! I’m--

You can’t tell, but I'm raising my eyebrow.


Whatcha’ working on, simon?

Oh, it’s a, uh… passion project. A spell I’ve been strug gling with for, uh, a little while.

let me see.

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