93021 RAA The Fish Wizard R1 LR Proof

Feel free to use the Mana concen

trate here.

App rentice


Head master Pidgol,

Tch. Four spells a day gone by noon. Sir, my

Forscythe Gallows?


other class

I can’t.

I’m out of spells for the day.

Sit down, fish.


fisch er.

Par don?! Display your wand.

Ah, yes. Best of luck, captain.

‘bit green about the gills? I know a great wake-up spell you could --oh, wait.

Rebecca Song, perhaps you can duplicate this foul thing for the class.

I can’t, sir, I have a game tonight.

I’m sure you’ll make house sang uinore proud.

Don’t you have a stick to put between your legs, captain?

hm? got somethin’

to say? The dueling pitch is right there. Unless you’re scared.

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