93021 RAA The Fish Wizard R1 LR Proof

Kurnebaug Universi - Gro outh College of Wizardry: the present.

Ah, so fish do have ears.

Oh! I mean, yes , head master, sir!

Are you able to solve this spell, or do you need another nap first?


Yes , sir, or er- No sir. Um



Then you’re sleep ing because you find this class too easy . Come down.

I’ve already solved it sir.

Careful, fish .

Shut it, forscythe!

To duplicate Summoning spell x with energy E --


Very good. Now, demon strate .

--requires catalyzing the primal magic spell of the summons , v --

Oh, um- I uh

--with Gilfoyle's “Simplified Summoning” component, S --

--which becomes directly

soluble with an illusion of the sum mons , y, given y connects E with x .

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