93021 RAA The Fish Wizard R1 LR Proof

Is there no way we could

All students to car 12! Pick up uniforms and papers before boarding!


Military colleges prepare for surge of new students! Emperor declares war on northern territo ries!


given we’ve missed the most formative years, Simon will strug gle to fit in with the other kids.

But…I don’t want to go!

state wizards gather to lead the front !

Get your scrolls here! Fresh from the wand !

Oh my baby !

But they’re quite the wizard. They’re certain to matriculate into univer sity .

Simon, I’m so sorry .

You’re so much more than just a Wizard

Look at me.

Stay out of trouble , and perhaps Simon will visit.

you’re a scholar , Simon.

if they survive , of course.

just like your parents.

Don’t let them take that.

w-Will I ever see you again?

Here. We want you to have this.

Make us proud .

to… remember us by…

keep it safe .


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