93021 RAA The Fish Wizard R1 LR Proof

Undef eated heir of house Gallows , Forscythe II , goes up against underdog Simon “fish” Fischer.

--your go-to for all things college dueling. Today I’m joined by student announ cer Georg Peck.

thanks, Grimsley . The Grotmouth

arena is packed today, as students and visitors alike swarm in for

what is already being called the duel of the year.

Fischer is only K.U.’s fourth ever fish wizard and the first to attend grotmouth .

this is unreal…

Given their unusually low spell limits, it’s been widely considered a waste to educate a fish in place of an able wizard.

Several high empire officials have ‘ported in.

today the world will see if that risk has paid off.

If simon wins , it could mean accepting more fish wizards into the military.

What began as a simple feud between peers has

quickly become a reflec tion of a decades-long political conflict.

Referee Jacque-al prepares the duelists...

and the crowd erupts as Gallows takes the pitch!

oh, simon...

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