Special Thanks Ken Knudtsen, cover. First off, I want to say how much I love Ken’s art. It’s an amazing style and I always love looking at it. I have the cover art in my office as well as a full-on pen-and-ink he drew for me of Jennifer the Monkey hanging out with John Wick. Love love love his art. But that cover? The picture he drew inspiration from was just a picture of me on my bike and I can’t say how much he went above and beyond and brought that Ken Knudtsen flair to my first book. Just amazing. Thanks, Ken. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate that cover. You rock. Justin Randall, inside cover. Thank you so much, Justin, for the awesome illo of me as an astronaut. I’ve been loving this painting for half my life, so it’s funny how a picture of me standing next to my bunk bed and my favorite color being “lasers” could turn into such an amazing bit of art under the hand of a talented artist. Love it. Samantha Shear Thank you Sam for sitting down with me and giving me a two-hour masterclass on screen writing and everything I need to know about where to start as a filmmaker. Everything in our conversation that I learned from you about effective storytelling is in this. Ken Levin Thanks Uncle Ken for being an inspiration. You’re the kind of whirlwind I love to be around. Hibbs and everyone at Comix Experience Comix Experience has been my go-to store for the past couple of years and they have been nothing but nice. It's a good time every time I walk in and get my comics, furthering my love of the craft. Frank at Amazing Fantasy Thank you to Frank for every back issue I can think of. It’s all there, what ever I am looking for. It's so much fun to walk around his store and I always leave with something in my hand. Leef Smith at Mission:Comics and Art Mission Comics is a great place to get volumes of whatever you can think of and a great environment to look around, grab some issues, and have a chat. I lived in their back issue rack when I was a kid. Mark and Steve Mark Espinosa and Steve Uchrin have been great friends to me since from before I could walk and are still here for me now. It’s amazing to have such good friends who I go see movies with and can nerd out with. Love you guys. Auden Pierce Thanks to Auden for being my only buddy who likes comics and talking about them to me on our bus rides to school. You are the only person who I will read manga for. Thanks for all of your support through this writing and cre ative process. Also, for all the help in chem class. That’s cool, too. Chris Thomasma, inside back cover. Chris did such a great job of turning Jack Fry into a full page of awesomeness. Shootin’ and scootin’ but silent and strong at the same time. The excitement on my face when I saw the splash is indescribable.

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