I met the Fillbachs in 2018 at my first San Diego show at booth #2001. Everybody I know who loves their work calls them “the cowboys,” but I know them as my buddies Matt and Shawn. I wrote Going Dark and my dad read it and said, “Boy, I bet the cowboys would love to draw this.” My dad sent them my script and for Christmas I was surprised by a portfolio of the art they drew of my story. Not just their amazing art but all of their thumbnails and notes giving me a small masterclass on comic books. Jeez, these guys made my first story look great. I can’t thank them enough.

Matt and Shawn in 2018 at Walker’s first San Diego show at booth #2001.

When our companero, Larry Young, asked us : “Would you guys like to read my kid’s story and see if you’d like to draw it?” We said: “Hell, yeah! We love Walker!” So, from a distinguished high school gentleman, we expected a tale of Sci-Fi, or horror, most likely superheroes or even toilet bowl humor (of which we are fans of). But what we got was Going Dark. A beautiful period piece character study. We immediately knew how to draw it. It’s the type of story an artist loves to be handed. We were given eight pages, and of course, we had to make it ten. Walker was lucky we didn’t make it eighty pages!

Art is life. And life becomes art. And as always… the best is yet to come.

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