Was tHere a bReAk in?

What hapPened?

Who is in tHere?

EveryOne bacK up, Let’s move fasT! bLoOd tRaIl goEs over tHe fenCe.

We’lL seArCh tHe areA, Greg. He can’t be far.

Whatever is hapPeninG has to do witH tHat bLacK cLoUd in tHe sKy.

Is tHat someOne’s arM?

It’s his bRotHerS.

If yOur rigHt hanD caUses yOu to sin, cut it ofF anD tHrow it awaY.

LisTen, peOpLe are

kilLinG eAcH otHer. YoU sHoUlD leAve towN, pRiEsT.

PerHapS bRotHer CharLiE has beEn judGed.

YoU're fulL of sHit!

| can't go unTil | finD my bRo tHer.

YoU tHinK CharLiE opened fire on God be fore beInG taken?

PeOpLe, do not be deceIved, bad comPany ruInS goOd moralS. The safesT pLace to be is in tHe hoUse of tHe lorD.

Don’t lisTen to tHis oUtSider.

RolanD give me yOur keYs, |’m dRivinG.

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